13 Tips for a Successful 13-Week Challenge™

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Hey TUF Fam! We are officially entering Week 5 of the 13-Week Challenge™, can you believe it?! Welcome to testing week! (dun dun dun) After reading this blog, read my previous blog regarding the importance of testing and why we do it! This 13-Week Challenge™, we now have three locations filled with eager members and trainers hungry for results. For all of our first timers with us at TitanUp, I hope you are loving it so far! TitanUp has provided everything you need to be successful in this challenge, however, decisions made inside and outside of the gym are going to be up to YOU! This current challenge is number four for me. I consider all of my completed 13-Week Challenge™ a success but all in different ways. I’ve learned a lot throughout the past three challenges and I am going to share some advice so all of you can feel victorious at the end of your 13-Week Challenge™. Here are 13 tips to put you on the road to a successful 13-Week Challenge™!

13 Tips for a Successful 13-Week Challenge™

  1. Proper Nutrition – The workouts you bust your @$$ off every class mean NOTHING if you are not putting the right things into your body. Diet is at least 80% of the battle when it comes to the development and maintaining of your physique. If you struggle in this department, Frankie, our nutrition queen, can assist you with a personalized analysis based on your blood type. See Frankie or any of the other trainers for more information! In your 13-Week Challenge™ packets you can also find some very useful diet guidelines from the awesome guys at Jax Nutrition!
  2. Set Goals – Set goals as in, set REALISTIC goals! Whatever your goal may be, it is important to set goals that are obtainable. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, setbacks, and ultimate failure. Benchmarks, benchmarks, benchmarks!!!! It’s the entire ideology behind TitanUp and what makes us the best! Your initial assessments plus an entire week of testing are just some of the opportunities we give you to create benchmarks throughout the 13-Week Challenge™.
  3. The Scale is NOT your Enemy – Time and time again I will watch a member step onto the scale after the workout and cringe at the number they see. The number on that scale is just a number people! I am currently in the best shape of my life and I am also the heaviest I have ever weighed. People tend to obsess over what their weight on the scale, rather than what they see in the mirror or how they feel about themselves. When we take your measurements again at the end of the 13-Week Challenge™, many of you will be delightfully surprised that you have lost and gained inches in the right places. 99.9% of you will prove your victory after you crush your fitness tests. When you see your side by side before and after picture is when it will really put everything into perspective! I encourage everyone to avoid stepping on the scale until we do measurements again! I promise, that number on the scale will eventually be but just a number!
  4. Put in the Time – The 13-Week Challenge™ is designed for you to come to class EVERY.SINGLE.DAY Mon-Fri, and we offer Saturday boot camp for those who really want to put some extra time in. It’s simple; if you don’t put in the time, you will not see results. We offer classes all throughout the day at three locations across Jacksonville so there is never an excuse. Obviously, we understand there are circumstances that may restrict you from coming to class. The most common: work travel. If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are there is a gym! Get with your trainer; they’ll hook you up with the workouts so you won’t miss out!
  5. NEVER Sell Yourself Short – Never say “never” and please don’t let me hear you say, “I can’t”. Unless you’re injured of course, please take these words out of your vocabulary! You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Mind over matter!!
  6. Have Cheat Days – Yes, you read that correctly. Cheat days you may not believe, are very important. But PLEASE do not get cheat days confused with binge eating. We know that eating/drinking healthy can be challenging for many, and temptations are hard to resist. Give yourself a day to indulge to prevent you and your body from going crazy. Alcohol is a big game changer also. Try cutting it out during the week and substitute your piña colada for something less sugary with fewer calories. My rule of thumb has always been to behave during the week and not be so strict on the weekends. It always gives myself something to look forward to when the week is over. You will drive yourself mad by neglecting yourself from the good things in life!
  7. Treat Yo’ Self – This goes hand in hand with having cheat days. If you’re feeling sore from a long week of training, book yourself a massage. Your body deserves to be treated, you worked hard and soreness means your muscles are growing; take care of them! Reaching a goal or overcoming an obstacle is always worthy of a reward. Buy yourself a new gym outfit to show off your upgraded body and some new shoes to go with it!
  8. Use the Zenplanner App – You all should be familiar with the Zenplanner app by now, as we have been using it the past two weeks in class. This is the first 13-Week Challenge™ that we have utilized this awesome app! You have access to all of your numbers from measurements, weights, reps, times, leaderboards and more. The best part: this is all available at the touch of your fingertips through your phone. We encourage you to use the Leaderboard for friendly (or not so friendly) competition and to see where you stand among your fellow TUF family members! Your history from Day 1 with us is programmed and you will forever have that to look back on and remember what you started from and reflect at who you are NOW!
  9. Trust the System – We are in week 5 of the challenge and I have had members ask questions as to why we do this, and why don’t we do this? “I want to run, why don’t we run more?” “I’m not seeing results yet, am I doing something wrong?” Andrew Decker, the mastermind behind the workouts you do everyday, was voted #1 Personal Trainer 3 years in a row for a reason. And for the same reason TitanUp Fitness was voted #1 Fitness Facility 3 years in a row! That reason: RESULTS! Trust that everything you do in class is for a purpose. Your trainer discusses the purpose of each workout before the start of each class. Please ask us “why?” We want you to understand everything you do at TitanUp and we want you to trust us that the system works! Check out the before and after testimonials on our website and prepare to be mind blown!
  10. Stretch – Stretching provides many benefits ranging from flexibility to injury prevention and overall wellness. Everyone at this point knows our stretching routine by heart. I want to answer a commonly asked question, “why do we do this kind of stretching versus holding a stretch?” “This” kind of stretching is called, Dynamic Stretching and what is referred to as “holding a stretch” is called, Static Stretching. We combine a warm up with dynamic stretching before every workout to increase our heart rates and body temperatures to prepare them for exercise. Static stretches are to be held for 30 seconds and are intended for post exercise. Just as important as it is to stretch before your workout, it is crucial to make sure you are stretching after your workout. We are always reminding you to stretch post workout and we rely on you to take on the responsibility to stretch on your own. Feel free to stay after your class to stretch and PLEASE take advantage of our foam rollers in all facilities! (PV coming soon!)
  11. Find a Balance – Being productive at work and school along with spending time with family and friends is already hard enough. On top of all that, add getting into the gym and trying to progress. You will have to prioritize, make sacrifices, and compromises! Do not neglect anything and be sure to find your balance!
  12. Extra Credit Classes – In addition to the daily workouts, TitanUp offers additional classes as well! Kickboxing, Yoga, Stretch, and Booty Bootcamp are a fun change of pace from the day-to-day workouts and another opportunity to get some GAINZ! Check the schedules to see where these classes are offered and come join a session!
  13. HAVE FUN! – The most important piece of advice I can give you is to make sure you have fun! We want you to enjoy coming into the gym and working out with us. For many, TitanUp has become their second family. Schedule class times with your friends to hold each other accountable and push one another. You cannot be miserable or unmotivated to workout if you want to achieve a successful 13-Week Challenge™, or achieve ANYTHING for that matter. You have to WANT to come to class! I promise, once you start seeing results, living a healthy lifestyle will come first hand, and TitanUp will ultimately become your FAMILY!


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