13-Week Challenge™ is for EVERYONE (Part 1)

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WARNING: This is a lengthy blog post about the many benefits of TitanUp Fitness™ and how it can work for you! If you do not want to better yourself or achieve your fitness goals, DO NOT PROCEED!

The infamous 13-Week Challenge™ at TitanUp Fitness™ is for EVERYONE! No matter what your body type is, and no matter what your fitness goals are! I am currently undergoing my third 13-Week Challenge™! I promote TitanUp as much as I can and I’m sorry (not sorry) for the overflow of Facebook and Instagram posts of me flexing in my sports bra every other day! However, with the influx of messages, texts, and emails I receive with questions about TitanUp, I know that I have caught your interest! Here are some of my thoughts to answer all of your FAQ’s and hopefully get you started on your road to a new and improved YOU alongside ME!

“TITANUP SEEMS TOO INTIMIDATING” – I’ll say it again, TITANUP IS FOR EVERYONE!!!! TitanUp is made up of all types of demographics. Whether you have never lifted a dumbbell in your life to sponsored competitive athletes (Molly Kirky our local surf queen!) and former collegiate athletes. Any group fitness class can be intimidating, especially not knowing anyone and wondering if you’ll be the most out of shape person in the class. At TitanUp we provide one-on-one personal training in a group setting. You will get the individualized attention that you need based on your individual goals. But all of our members have one thing in common: We all want to be HEALTHY! “Healthy” is broad term and means something different to everyone, but we want to help you achieve YOUR “healthy”. YES, Brianna is intimidating as H-E- double hockey sticks benching 165lbs with her eyes closed.However, we all have to start somewhere, and worrying about whether or not you’ll “fit in” isn’t going to get you anywhere!!

THERE ISN’T ENOUGH CARDIO” – Whenever I hear this phrase, I cringe and picture myself slapping you across the face like that Batman and Robin meme going around social media. Let’s first define Cardio. Per Merriam-Webster: “any type of exercise that causes the heart to beat faster and harder for a period of time” defines cardio. Many of YOU define cardio as an hour of running, spin, elliptical, and stair master! Right?! I am allowed to give you a hard time because I was once a victim of the cardio addiction. I used to run miles upon miles and thought the further I ran, the closer I was to getting a 6 pack! (Smh) We do just as much cardio as we do weightlifting at TitanUp Fitness™, we just fulfill it differently than you may be used to! Rather than wasting our time running a million miles, we instead practice varieties of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Your body will thank us for it, trust me.

“ARE YOU LIKE CROSSFIT?” – (Insert Batman and Robin meme here) Our workouts are not like Crossfit. Honestly, I’ve never taken a Crossfit class but I have many friends who are part of the Crossfit family. And obvi like the rest of you, I hear all about it and watch all their one rep max videos on Facebook. The tight knit community that the “Crossfit Cult” possesses might be the only similarity that TitanUp shares. Many of our members consider TitanUp their family and many friendships have blossomed through TitanUp. We see each other EVERYDAY, and we are each other’s motivators during classes.

“TOO EXPENSIVE” – The term “expensive” is another broad term that means something different to everyone. You know what I think is expensive? Going out to eat and drinking on the weekend! Keeping a social life is hard and expensive! It’s ironic that the individuals who are quick to drop a $hundo$ on food and drinks in a weekend, make up a large percentage of those who say most gyms/fitness facilities are “too expensive”. We obviously are NOT Bailey’s or LA Fitness, and our 13-Week Challenge™ Challenge is not $20 bucks a month, sorry. TitanUp remains competitive with our pricing among the other group training based fitness facilities across Jacksonville. But as I mentioned, we provide one-on-one training in a small group setting. We are giving you personalized attention and your without having to pay what you would for an LA Fitness Personal Trainer! On top of that, we bestow you with all of the resources and guidance that will GUARANTEE results if you follow the program as proposed. The costs to join TitanUp can be found on our website, however we always have promotions throughout the Challenge and we LOVE to give back to our progressing members! Sign up for the next 13-Week Challenge™ now and train for free until it starts! (That’s like A LOT of savings by the way!) The best investment you can make is in yourself!

The results that are produced at TitanUp Fitness™ speak louder than any FAQ blog about why the 13-Week Challenge™ Challenge is so awesome. Now that I’ve cleared the air on some misinterpretations and provided some insight, please continue to Part 2 to read some of the fitness journeys of our members.

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