13-Week Challenge™ is for EVERYONE! (Part 2)

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Hello there current/future T.U.Fers! Rachael Murphy here again to give you my personal testimonial and tell you why you should join our next 13-Week Challenge™ that kicks off July 23rd! Hopefully Part 1 of this post lead you here to Part 2. I have been a member of TitanUp Fitness one month shy of a year now. I came to TitanUp in a time of desperation after have been to EVERY….SINGLE…gym/fitness facility in Jacksonville. My body was not changing, and I was set to be married in 8 months! I didn’t personally know anyone that was a member of TitanUp but I recalled seeing before and after pictures of members in a Void Magazine issue. TitanUp was voted “#1 Fitness Studio in the 904” and the owner, Andrew Decker, won “#1 Personal Trainer”. And how convenient that it’s that time of year again to vote!! Today is actually the very last day to vote so please show some love!! I’ll even make it easy for you. Here’s the link http://voidlive.com/1-in-the-904-2016-voting/ Now scroll to #107 and vote Andrew Decker,the mastermind, for “#1 Personal Trainer” and #146 and vote TitanUp Fitness for “#1 Fitness Studio”. Now that you’ve voted, let’s get back to it…So after seeing these impressive 13-Week Challenge™ before and after pictures (Nicole and Swati!) TitanUp’s next 13-Week Challenge™ was about to start, so I did the math in my head and calculated if I did not see results after the 13-Week Challenge™, that I still had time to figure out a different regimen before the wedding. Fast forward to present time and check this girl out!



My goal was to look, feel, and be my best when I walked down the aisle to wed my husband to be! TitanUp not only helped me achieve my goal for my wedding day, but I now live a life dedicated to health and fitness!

Now I want to spotlight three influential women: Francesca, Brianna, and Jennifer (Featured in photo from left to right). Three different women, three different goals, three different body types, all different ages. If you are a current T.U.F. member then you know exactly who I’m talking about!


Francesca aka “Frankie” – I’ll never forget one of my first days at TitanUP and thinking to myself  “Wow, that girl has a rockin’ body!” And when I found out she had two kids AND had a body like she did, she instantly became my body inspiration. Frankie is training for her first NPC bikini competition this upcoming July but has been a member at TitanUp for years! She is a huge health/nutrition guru! The benefits of nutrition and fitness to the body can be shown with one look at Frankie!

Brianna aka “Bri” – Also known as a freak of nature in the gym! She’s hands down the strongest girl I have ever met! Not only can she lift heavier than a lot of men, but she is as fast as a cheetah when she runs! She is the perfect example that you can be solid muscle and still be fast! Bri is training for an upcoming weightlifting competition that she is guaranteed to dominate with her brains and beauty alone!She has been a member at TitanUp for three years and her body transformation is unreal!

Jennifer aka “The Photographer” – Jenn is known by many throughout the Jacksonville area for her incredible photography skills. She was either your wedding photographer or a friend, according to what seems like half of TitanUp’s member population. Jenn came to TitanUp to simply shed some unwanted pounds. She is already down 45lbs and still has three more weeks to finish out her second 13-Week Challenge™! She has inspired so many by her results since joining TitanUp Fitness, that I’m pretty sure she’s up to a lifetime worth of credit with all the referral dollars she’s accumulated!


So there it is. Three different fitness journeys of three different women, all under ONE program! And this is the last time I’m saying it….The 13-Week Challenge™ is for EVERYONE!!!

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