Why 30 minutes is NOT going to cut it…and by “it” we mean fat!

200 women were the subject of the study led by John Jakicic, chairman of the Department of Health & Physical Activity at the University of Pittsburgh from 1999 to 2003. All the participants were asked to follow a strict diet pattern consuming 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day. There were four groups and participants were assigned to one of the 4 groups. To find out the effects of low to moderate exercise plans, each of the 4 groups was designed based on exercise pattern to burn calories as required. One group burned 1000 calories a week; the other burned 2000 calories a week while the third groups were asked to exercise moderately and the fourth group to exercise vigorously.

The result of the study published in the July edition of Archives of Internal Medicine stated that women who exercised less were able to lose only 5% weight in span of 2 years while the women who exercised vigorously  were able to lose as much as 10% in over 2 years.

The study clearly states that 30 minutes of exercise each day, is simply not enough. Women need to exercise at least 1 hour each day to reduce weight. The more overweight you are the more you need to exercise.

It might be difficult for many to spare 1 hour each day, but involving into some kind of physical activity at work or just about anywhere may not be that difficult.


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