I just want to thank you both (and Swati) for the continued support and encouragement throughout my first 13 week challenge at Titan Up Fitness.  I think just signing up was the most intimidating part of the whole process (we won’t count my first “step-up” when I fell off the bench on number 3!).

From that moment on I’ll use Andy’s key term for me, “It’s ok, we will just modify a bit”.    Thereafter I felt a little more confident each day.  At first I thought I’d just come a few days a week to ease into it. I  found myself wanting to get up for those 5:30am classes and Francis was so encouraging in the evening classes pushing me to do just one more (with a smile of course).  Each day was so different and I didn’t want to miss out.  So there was plenty of encouraging accountability.

Even though I’m definitely older than the majority of the members it made it more challenging and each week I was improving, able to do more reps, less modification and just overall had a good feeling.  After just a few weeks I could tell a difference in my clothes. My co-workers forced me to weigh in and I was down 15 pounds.  I really couldn’t believe it and thought to myself “all this in such a short time and it only takes 4-5 hours a week”.

Well at the end of the 13 weeks here are the summarized results:


Weight  (lbs)                                                                      30.8

Body Fat                                                                              4%

Fat weight (lbs)                                                                 20.8


Chest, back, leg, hips

Thigh, waist, calf  (inches)                                            23.90


I’ll have to say, not knowing what to expect, I was very happy with my results.  Probably not as excited as Andy/Francis until they explained how successful those results were.  In any event, I feel great and am looking forward to the next 13 week challenge.  If I can do this in only 4-5 hours per week, I guarantee almost anyone can.


Thanks for such a great program.  I wish you all continued success.




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