Calorie Burn is NOT the only answer

Have you been focusing too much on calories burnt and still stuck in your fat loss graph?

Then you do realize that there is more to the story!

Creating a net calorie deficit is definitely the foundation of any fat loss plan, but to build the whole castle of success, other equally important factors need to be considered.

Some important questions are,

whether the calorie deficit will trigger off more stored fats to be utilized or not?
even if it does whether the released FFA’s, free fatty acids will get oxodised efficiently or not?
whether lack of muscle mass will make the fat go back to the sites or not?( yes that happens more often that we realize)
how soon will the mind( pituitary gland) accept the change and stop sending erratic signals , so on and so forth.

Fat loss is like our big fat Greek wedding, calorie burn is only the ‘boy meets girl’ part, ’ how the whole event will span out is another story altogether.

As professionals we can only use strategies to manage these conditions but as a student of science I also understand that no matter what we do, the intelligence within will take it s own time to process things. Age, Genetics, conditioning has a huge impact on the internal cellular environment.

There are no ideal solutions, it is not about right or wrong, it is about what is effective and what is not!

The success of any fat loss plan is like the success of any other journey, we follow the pillars , reach the milestones and make our story as go along!



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