Eat Carbs Late to Gain Muscle, Lose Fat

 In Strength

ImageYes you read the title to this blog correctly! Eat carbs late and you should see a significant change in body fat, strength, and over all body shape.  You see when you take in carbohydrates your body releases insulin.  Insulin is responsible for muscle hypertrophy as well as making fat cells store fat and the creation of new fat cells.  To limit how much insulin your body produces you should stay away from ingesting carbs when your body is most sensitive to insulin, like the early morning.  Now I am not saying to stay completely away from carbs, but know when to eat them and what kind to eat.  So contrary to what all the experts say about eating carbs first thing in the morning I think you are setting your self up for failure because when your body is insulin sensitive like it is in the morning your body will not only use the carbs to grow muscle, but also use them to store fat and create new fat cells. So it makes sense to eat your carbs late in the evening when your body is least sensitive to insulin, but not just any carbs, high glycemic carbs!  Yep that’s right, pasta, white bread, potatoes, all carbs that are high in dextrose not carbs high in fructose like a fruit smoothie.  You should also change when you train as well because it is crucial to ingest these carbs with in thirty minutes after training.  So it makes sense to exercise later in the evening so when you are done working out that’s when you can kill to birds with one stone! Carb load and also build muscle, but do it without storing fat!  Train late, eat carbs late, and on no training days try to stay away from carbohydrates all together.

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