We are a body sculpting facility that delivers a unique blend of old-school bodybuilding methods.

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Choosing the right fitness facility is a complicated choice, so many factors go into making the plunge into a new program. In order to find the proper “fit” for your specific needs we recommend viewing our next tab “is TitanUp for me?”.. that will ask you all the right questions and help narrow down exactly what program or style of training is best for you and your future at TitanUp Fitness™. After doing so you will have some direction to build off of to help make your decision. Also please visit our “programs” section of this website and from there you can select the best fit for your pursuit of health and fitness with us. We are looking forward to working with you!

Is TitanUp For me?
  • Do you want personalized, private fitness training at a fraction of the competitions cost?
  • Do you want to train in a non threatening, friendly environment?
  • Do you want more accountability and structure in your routine?
  • Do you want a workout routine that is constantly changing and challenging you?
  • Do you want a super clean facility with AC, towel services, and amenities?
  • Do you want to train “contract” free and “monthly dues” free?
  • Do you want a more balanced routine with resistance training, flexibility, cardio, and core?
  • Do you want to stay injury free and have longevity with your health, life and fitness goals?
  • Do you want results that can be tracked in real time in black and white?
  • Do you want to set goals and be rewarded with training credit (up to $100) when they are reached ?
  • Do you want an all inclusive program that offers a diet plan as well as a fitness plan?
  • Do you want to lose weight? Tone? Or improve your current fitness level in 13 weeks or less?
  • Do you want to feel good during and after your workout and not like you’ve been through a torture chamber?

If you answered yes to more than a few of these questions than YES, TitanUp Fitness™ is for YOU!


Start at any time

Missed the 13-Week Challenge™ start date? Thats OK! You can enjoy the flexibility of our programs! With the 13-Week Challenge™ and any of our other training options we make it simple to begin training at any time on any date you choose. Simply sign up at a prorated amount if the challenge has already begun and start your journey to a new YOU!

*Sign Up and enroll on any date

*Prorate challenge sign up prices

*Enjoy training free from contracts and sign up fees

*You choose when you begin your journey!

What is TitanUp

TitanUp Fitness™ has perfected the art of private and group fitness training. We have been transforming physiques for over 4 years! We have also been voted the #1 training studio in the 904 by VOID Magazine and Beaches Leader 2014. We are home to the #1 trainer in the 904, Andrew Decker and we are the only facility that offers the “13-Week Challenge™” which will have you reaching and or exceeding your goals in the shortest amount of time possible!

TitanUp is also the only facility that that offers both aerobic and anaerobic exercise! Only with us can you experience true continual calorie burn through our resistance training.


The Best AB Exercise Is 5 Steps Of Stop Eating So Much Junk Food.

 We provide 24/7 health coaching in house


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