"Don't BULK UP......TITANUP!"

There are 3 easy steps to getting started with our 13-Week Challenge™:


Register online and purchase the 13-Week Challenge™ via our online store.


Pick up your packet and partake in our trainer/client meet and greet kick off event.


Get your assessments completed and enroll in the program! Then you’re off to start your journey to a new and improved YOU!


Come in and complete your final assessments at the end of your 13-Week Challenge™. If you achieved your goals you automatically qualify for our $100 rebate! Then Resign for the next 13 challenge and set all new higher goals!


  • TitanUp’s 13-Week Challenge™ program gives you the tools and the blueprints you need to get your body in the best shape of your life!
  • We do exercises that have stood the test of time and have been scientifically proven to sculpt and tone your body.
  • We focus on FAT burning and MUSCLE building routines: We do both aerobic and anaerobic training so you not only burn calories while you train, but also 48 hours after you train!
  • We provide an easy to follow meal program that works with the fitness routine so you shed fat while building muscle so you can get the shredded look you are working for.
  • We stretch to keep the body feeling loose and free of injury
  • We offer a social group to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED: Social support from your fellow TUF peers and awesome motivation from the TUF Training Staff
  • Our PROGRAM tracks your GOALS: Tracking progress, taking body measurements and body fat, and taking fitness assessments so our clients can see their improvements
  • We take before and after pictures to prove to our clients that they are improving so they can actually see progress with their own eyes.
  • NO BULK exercises and training style. Our clients perform all exercise with proper form, tempo, and intensity so they get the most out of each and every workout.
  • We offer 6 days a week of 1-hour workouts because anything less just doesn’t cut it! We want you to get in great shape and stay that way for LIFE!

Weeks 1-13

Week 1:

  • Packet pick up party, measurements, fitness assessment, and body composition

Week 2-12:

  • Cardio and Core for first part of the week
  • Strength Training at end of week
  • Carbs at beginning of week and low carbs at end of week

Week 13:

  • Hell Week! Lots of cardio and core to shed those last pounds and inches




Not quite ready for the classes, but ready to change your body? Maybe you want to do more weight training or more cardio than what our classes offer? Or you need more practice learning form and how to do the exercises so you can maximize the benefits of the Titan Up training program? Have modifications that are holding you back? Well don’t worry because there’s a solution at Titan up. Sign up for private group classes and enjoy the luxury of training in small groups of 3-4 people with your very own Titan up trainer and having the facility all to your self. This type of training will take you and your friends to the next level no matter if you’re new to working out, or have trained all your life because you will have the privacy of the gym and the TUF trainer all to your self guiding an correcting your every move. This is definitely the way to go if you want to take your training to the next level.



Think you’ve already achieved your goals? Already fit, on track and have a system in place? Maybe you are just looking to train with us in general? You can train along side the 13-Week Challengers as if you are part of the entire program as a regular member! The only thing missing will be the incentives, paperwork, goal setting, diet plans, before and after photographs, assessments and accountability!


personal-training TUF has awesome trainiers who specialize not only to run the specific Titan up classes, but also to train clients one on one. If you need some personal time with a TUF trainer schedule some private sessions to really elevate your fitness to places you never thought possible. One on training is for anyone who has specific needs they want to improve on, people who want to get better at working out, or anyone who just want the private assistance of a Titan up trainer! Call today to schedule and accelerate your results fast.


We offer amazing group fitness boot camps on the beach (weather permitting) on Saturdays.

These classes offer a break from the general fitness that happens inside our facility and we can utilize the entire beach for large group and team events. This class also serves as a great bonus hour of training for make up days that are missed during the week or to ramp up your endurance and push your fitness to the next level.



Our next 13-Week Challenge™ begins on October 24th, which we will be running at our Jax Beach, Gate Parkway and Ponte Vedra locations simultaneously.   Sign up now and receive $50 off and workout for 4 weeks for free!  When your  wedding party signs up too, the bride and groom receive their 13-Week Challenge™ for FREE!!!


Group Training:

“Drop In” – $16.50
1 Month Unlimited Training – $179
10 Pack – $200
13-Week Challenge™ – $499 / $169 monthly / $39 weekly
20 Pack – $320
30 Pack – $375
6 Months Unlimited (Two 13-Week Challenge™) – $879
Titanium Package (Four 13-Week Challenge™) – $1,439
Annual Contract – $129/month

Personal Training:

10 Pack (60 min) – $600
10 Pack (30 min) – $300
Single Session (60 min) – $65
Single Session (30 min) – $32.50

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