The Importance of Fitness Testing

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Rachael Murphy here to say, “Congratulations!” to my fellow TUFer’s, you have survived yet another testing week. For those who experienced testing week for their first time…how bad did your body hurt by Friday!?! Did you find yourself holding onto the wall for support to slowly make way to the toilet seat? Did your roommate or significant other have to put your clothes on for you? Or you simply just couldn’t get into your car?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you have performed testing week as it was intended to be. (Round of applause) At times I’m sure you felt like quitting, and you wanted to punch your trainer in the gut, but you have to ask yourself one single question…….“But did you die?!?!” We will revisit testing week in 4 weeks. Before you start losing sleep and have nightmares about “The Gauntlet”, lets talk about why we do these tests and their benefits.

Identifying your Strengths- STRENGTH, POWER, SPEED, and ENDURANCE. These are the components of fitness that we at TitanUp work toward in every class throughout the 13 Week Challenge. Each test during the week is designed to evaluate every single component. Everyone has specific strengths and of course we all have weaknesses. The chick that lapped you in “The Gauntlet” may have endurance like that of a gazelle, but you’re at Rack 3 powering out 205lb deadlifts. (I literally witnessed Nellie execute 205lb deadlifts at 10 reps with perfect form last week and I was speechless…she is a BA!) However, YOU are your ONLY competition!! Everyone needs to identify what we excel in just as much as we all need to focus on what our weaknesses are. But finding your strengths and continuing to develop those strengths, will then give you confidence to amend your weaknesses.

Setting Goals- Goal setting is important for not only life in general, but it’s also SO fundamental to your fitness journey. Assigning goals for yourself provides motivation for you to work hard! If you don’t set goals, what motivation do you have?! When Week 11 testing approaches, your goal should be to ALWAYS perform better than those previous numbers on that sheet! We have 4 weeks to determine what we are going to change in order to do just that! Here are some tips: Lift heavier every week, even if it’s just by 2.5lb! Stop snacking on potato chips and pickup some carrot sticks! Get your booty into the gym 5 days a week! (Beach Bootcamp on Saturday’s for extra credit =)) And while we’re talking about booty, get that thing all the way down to the bench on that squat! Another side note about booty: Morgan’s Booty Bootcamp every Tuesday and Thursday 8am and 8pm! (30 min of straight lower body intensity-it’s awesome!) Setting goals = Motivation, bottom line! The numbers we recorded for each test last week are to be used as your benchmark for when Week 11 comes around and we embark upon the Greek Gods again!

Results- Why did you spend 3 months worth of your partying budget to join TitanUp Fitness?! I would bet most of you ultimately want to lose weight/gain muscle and live a healthy lifestyle, right?! You want RESULTS! Summer has practically arrived and Fourth of July is right around the corner. (27 days to be exact) Let’s face it; we are going to be living in our bathing suits, shorts, tanks, and flip-flops until probably Christmas if global warming keeps it up. We want to feel confident in that bathing suit! After we have set goals for ourselves, we now monitor progress. By monitoring our progress and even our fallbacks in testing, pin pointing out our areas of excellence and areas of improvement become more transparent. Numbers don’t lie people! Keeping track of your fitness results is just as crucial as auditing your finances! There’s not a single person on this planet that doesn’t keep account of their money! Why should fitness be treated any differently? At TitanUp we strive for you to achieve your results! (Trust me I would not be in the gym at 5am to train you if I didn’t!) We even offer incentives for up to $100 off your next 13 Week Challenge based on YOUR INDIVIDUAL results! That in itself should be motivation to crush these tests, and get the results you want specific to you!

Moral of the story: we don’t make you endure these grueling tests because we love to watch you suffer in agonizing pain! (Or is it…just kidding) The tests are designed to track your progress throughout the 13 Week Challenge and for the lifetime of your fitness journey at TitanUp! As trainers, testing weeks are what we are most excited for! To see our members’ hard work unfold in their testing results! So before you decide you want to skip the entire week of testing, (You all know who you are) think about all of the benefits you are missing out on!

Stay tuned for more blogs by yours truly!

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