TitanUp for Your Wedding

Commitment Means Staying Loyal
To What You Said You Were Going
To Do Long After The Mood
You Said It In Has Left You.



Our next 13-Week Challenge™ begins on October 24th, which we will be running at our Jax Beach, Gate Parkway and Ponte Vedra locations simultaneously.   Sign up now and receive $50 off and workout for 4 weeks for free!

When your  wedding party signs up too, the bride and groom receive their 13-Week Challenge™ for FREE!!!

The TitanUp Fitness™ 13-Week Challenge™:

TitanUp’s 13-Week Challenge™ transformation program gives you the tools and the blueprints you need to get your body in the best shape of your life!

We do exercises that have stood the test of time and have been scientifically proven to sculpt and tone your body.

We focus on FAT-burning and MUSCLE-building routines: We do both aerobic and anaerobic training so you not only burn calories while you train, but also 48 hours after you train!

We provide an easy-to-follow meal program that works with the fitness routine. You shed fat while building muscle so you can get the shredded look you are working for.

We stretch to keep the body feeling loose and free of injury.

We offer a social group to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED: Social support from your fellow TUF peers and awesome motivation from the TUF Training Staff.

Our PROGRAM tracks your GOALS: Tracking progress, taking body measurements and body fat, and taking fitness assessments so our clients can see their improvements.

We take before and after pictures to prove to our clients that they are improving so they can actually see progress with their own eyes.

NO BULK exercises and training style: Our clients perform all exercise with proper form, tempo, and intensity so they get the most out of each and every workout.

We offer 6 days a week of 1-hour workouts because anything less just doesn’t cut it! We want you to get in great shape and stay that way for LIFE!

Call (904) 945-TONE or visit TitanUpFitness.com for more information and to get started right away!