Award Winning Program and Trainer

TitanUp has won the coveted “Best Independent Gym in 904” by void magazine and the Beaches Leader named TitanUp Fitness™ Best Gym at the Beaches. Andrew Decker was named the “Best Personal Trainer ” in all of Jacksonville by Void Magazine

Total Package System

The TitanUp Program has you covered from head to toe…literally. We provide the blue prints for you to build the body of your dreams that includes a great simple and effective meal program, week by week breakdown of the workout routines, a great facility with awesome ameninties like free towel service, and the industries best trainers to motivate you and ensure success!!!

We Believe you can TitanUp!

Unlike most gyms that want you to sign up and then they never want to see you again, this is NOT THE CASE AT T.U.F.! We pride our selves for knowing all of our clients on a first name basis, always staying in touch with our clients, and if we see a client is struggling to make it in we will do our best to contact that client and get them back in the studio so they hit they’re goals. At TitanUp Fitness™ we believe in your success that if you hit your goals we give you money back!!!

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