Video Transcript:

Quiet on the set uh all right so check this out this is um a testament to this scanner or putting the scanner to the test we have a unique case which isn’t just your average person scanning every 13 weeks or even year over year this is um from july until now so from july till now bobby has had a achilles tendon injury where the achilles tendon was severed so what happened was it stopped him from working out for two full months right two and a half months so what happens is in that two and a half months remember it’s all about sending the signal to the body so the two and a half month gap where he was unable to work out because he didn’t have this boot he wasn’t able to get up and move around those two and a half months he wasn’t sending the signal to the body that muscle is important so we’re going to go ahead and guess that the scanner is going to show that it’s going to show that lean muscle was lost the signal wasn’t being sent to keep it it’s important we’re also going to assume that his leg atrophied mainly in the quad because his inability to be able to do any sort of leg movement without a cart or some help so his injury i’ll let him tell you what happened and then we’ll go ahead and look at this scanner and see how it measures up uh so quite a few months ago i slipped on a pile of glass and i severed my achilles tendon pretty much down to where there was almost no foot left so i was immediately taken to the hospital and they had diagnosed me with a severed achilles so required a full reconstructive surgery at that rate i got in to see the orthopedic surgeon and scheduled the surgery went ahead and proceeded with getting a full reconstructive uh setup done um was quite intense it was about an hour and a half long surgery and um everything went well the doctor did a great job um connected it perfectly back it’s just been a long road with regards to the recovery aspect of it so post-surgery like decker was saying it’s been a difficult time frame to keep any level of a muscle mass on um you know just from sitting around staying stagnant so it’s been different right so now here’s the key is he’s been able to work out because he can get around on the boot so the signal now is being resent to the body that hold on a second muscle is important and we’re going to hang on to that so we’ll be able to check this again in april and see if the landslide has stopped but let’s take a look at his scan and see if what we’re guessing shows up okay so here we have his actual scan you can tell look his posture here this is the after one so here’s july here’s now he was in peak shape here so you can see how he’s having to compensate because of that leg but you can see the atrophy so let’s see what shows up here the injury is on the right leg here is his right thigh and look at that about 1.8 inches down because of the loss and the inability to use that leg so when we take a look at his quad clearly you can see and then bend them one is much smaller than the other so that right there this scanner has nailed that part now if we look at other parts of his body his torso arms everything has kind of slid because he’s not sending the signal to the body that muscle is important now let’s go to the real part here and look at this so he is down 20 pounds and that right there is just his metabolism slowing he’s probably not fueling his body is enough he’s not burning as many calories and look at this lean muscle because he’s not sending the signal through weight training that we need to keep it the body doesn’t think it’s important and it shed 24 pounds of muscle off okay so this scanner has nailed that and that’s not in 13 weeks remember it takes time for this to happen but it’s perfectly spot on for anyone that was doubting the scanner or its ability to detect what’s really going on inside the body that we can’t see so in closing guys just remember is this scan perfect no absolutely not but it is the best tool that we can do while using rugged repetition because here’s the deal i used to tape measure everybody um when tighten up was small and as long as i kept tape measuring everybody for inches and body fat it would stay fairly accurate as long as it was consistent the same person doing it again and again as we grew other trainers would have to fill in and that’s where margin of error happens human error this scanner is super consistent so as long as we keep scanning time over time over time again and showing year over year it’s going to reflect the correct progress and just like you saw with bobby scan with my groin injury with all of our results it remember it’s so simple it is about sending the right signal to the body so while in a restricted state if you’re in a caloric deficit sending the signal to the body that muscle is important through heavy lifts it’s going to cling to that lean tissue and you won’t have the landslide like bobby had where his metabolism tanked lean muscle comes off you know you have atrophy things like that think about it in terms of cardio cardio if you’re doing that habitually you’re sending the signal to the body that muscle isn’t important it’s in fact slowing us down because we need to become very efficient at burning calories for those bouts of cardio you want the exact opposite to happen for fat loss you don’t want to become efficient at burning calories you want to be inefficient at burning calories and that’s where adding more plates come in adding a set bumping up your pr so it’s sending the right signals to the body and that’s why strength training is king for shaping your physique and hitting those goals and it also translates to other aspects of health bone density cardiovascular health it fights sarcopenia everything just keep ruggedly repeating those basics guys and we will have magic