Video Transcript:

So a lot of members ask um for custom diet plans which we do have an in-house rd um you can definitely get that done through the rd so it’d be a custom plan based on your needs however i always encourage people to not do that or to think about it like this people will ask me hey you know you’re in great shape can you just write down what you eat and send it over to me but that’s not the way it works you know that my diet plan actually isn’t that great it’s just that my calories are you might not like what i eat you might be vegan vegetarian pescetarian there’s no learning in just copying what someone eats if someone spells out a plan for you it can cause a lot of other food issues there might be restrictions in there that you don’t need to be doing i always think of it see this wave here it’s like a surfing analogy where my body surfed really good he was so good on this board and some of our friends said hey i’m gonna get that board but getting his surfboard doesn’t mean you’re going to surf like him so i always steer people away from that you have to do what works for you and if you track your calories you do body weight times 12 for weight loss or you do body weight times 16 if you’re trying to go the other way or body weight times 15 for maintenance if you set that and you make the foods that you enjoy fit the number you will have a long-term successful plan because it’s your diet and it agrees with you and you like it and you enjoy it so if it’s fat loss do body weight times 12. let’s just say magically just throwing this out there the numbers sixteen hundred you have sixteen hundred calories to play with that can be anything doesn’t have to be a specific diet the meal timing doesn’t matter yogurt pretzels there’s it takes away the good food versus bad food mentality where i feel like if someone wrote you a specific plan and you deviate from the plan you’re going to start viewing food as good or bad well my my trainer didn’t write pizza in can i have a slice of pizza you can have whatever you want calories are the ultimate end-all sale so that’s my advice on that however if you want to go forward we always compare you with somebody who will help design a custom plan