Video Transcript: So some people got upset with me over telling them that it would be more beneficial to give up uh soda and chips than it would to hop on the peloton and spend an hour on it a few things if you love the peloton and you love what it does for you mentally and it gives you some sort of peace or peace of mind knock yourself out it’s not who i’m speaking to i’m speaking to the people that think it’s going to transform their body and change their lives a few things the majority of people that lose weight gain it back due to muscle loss they failed to maintain lean muscle and gain the weight right back that bike is sending a different signal to your body than to hold lean muscle okay you’re sending the signal keep in mind the signal and the supplies are the only two things that contribute to muscle what signal are you sending are we sending enough fuel so you’re sending the signal to the body that we need to move our legs in a circle very fast what’s slowing you down from doing that muscle so bye bye muscle therefore i think it would be better to give up a bag of chips and a soda than it would be to hop on that bike and which one of the two sounds more repeatable and more sustainable