Video Transcript So you know that saying that i think it was warren buffett it doesn’t matter who it was that says um you’ll never truly be wealthy until you can figure out how to make money in your sleep which is so true because we’re all figuring that out right now um unless you do that you’re living like most all of us do which is check to check payment to payment um and you can try to maximize each payment but you can only work for so many hours in the day so unless you make money in your sleep those payments no matter how high it’s never gonna fully catch up because you’re not sleeping at your job doesn’t that make you wake up to fitness and exercise right there everyone is so hung up on maximizing the calories they burn per hour which is just like living check to check it’s only going to get you so far why because you don’t live in the gym you spend an hour there which represents less than 4 four percent of your day how could you ever get wealthy or hit your goals by living check to check aka by living calorie burn to calorie burn it’s never going to happen however if you make your investment work for you meaning you make calorie burn happen when you’re not at the gym now you’ve got something when you put all of your effort into strength training and building muscle mass and muscle now your body works for you where you spend all of your time outside of the gym now your body’s a furnace you’re burning calories more calories the more muscle you add in your sleep while you’re talking on the phone while you’re sitting on the couch that’s a winning scenario right there and don’t be fooled it is the one thing you cannot do quickly is build muscle and a lot of these programs out there telling you that it’s strength training but it’s really just fast-paced circuits of cardio with light weight i’m talking about big five movements of strength train bench squat deadlift that’s gonna have you making money in your sleep