Video Transcript

So some feedback that i’ve got with the past two days of this template 30 seconds on one minute off is that the minute is too long of rest so think about this if you guys were to use these assault bikes and there’s the template right there behind me probably can’t see it but it’s 30 seconds of hard work one minute off rotate if you were to go all out on that assault bike there behind me keep those rpms as high as you can get them for that 30 seconds and just let that thing rip a minute would be too short for you to come up here and put maximum effort into a squat you would need a little bit more okay so what happens is probably scaled back on the bike even though it was legs only but if you’re scaling back on that bike because the minute is too short for you to come up and sink maximum effort into squats why aren’t you doing that same thing with the the lifts themselves squats that should be equally as hard as the bike so is it the fact that the minute was too long or is it that you’re not putting in enough effort into the exercise movement itself if you put enough into every exercise and treat it like that bike same effect you’ll have such greater success with all of your goals and all of your results because you’re putting in the effort that is required to make that rest longer okay the more you can recover the more you can sink into these movements maximum effort requires maximum rest so stop looking at it like the minute is too long and start putting in effort like the bike gives you put that into your lips i promise you will be a game changer