Video Transcript:

One of my last films we talked about living check to check where it’s basically no savings no investments nothing going on and how that compares to working out calorie burn to calorie burn so if you’re just focused on calorie burn it’s the exact same thing as living check to check it is only going to get you so far you don’t take the calorie burn with you when you leave the gym so those watches and everything say oh i burned 900 calories one they are way off the mark all of them overestimate when you leave the gym you don’t take that with you because when you’re focused on just calorie burn there’s no telling if you actually did enough to try and build muscle which building muscle is the investment that keeps working for you when you leave that’s what ultimately is going to speed up your metabolism that calorie burn goes with you so when you focus on strength training the calorie burn is much lower and it’s a much slower process takes a lot more time but it’s with you 24 7 and it starts working in your favor the more you do it so for example if we look at investing again if you were to invest ten thousand dollars a year at seven percent interest it would take you eight years to build a hundred thousand dollars which is slow gains right doesn’t sound that great there’s a lot of work involved in that however by 2.5 years we’ll go from 400 000 to 500 000 as it starts to grow and it snowballs and it picks up speed so eight years to a hundred thousand but from four hundred to five hundred thousand two and a half years okay it’s because you’ve been building and your money does the heavy lifting for you and then it starts to work for itself is the same concept with strength training it is slow going in the beginning it takes way longer than you think but in the end and as you keep going it just keeps ramping up and ramping up as your metabolism keeps increasing with the more muscle you recruit so don’t live check to check calorie burn is completely irrelevant you could burn a thousand calories doing jumping jacks but the minute you walk out the door and go to your car that calorie burn completely stops okay so long-term investment making your muscle work for you is just like making your money work for you an investment instead of living check to check