Video Transcript: You’re probably seeing this a ton ah more recently than not self-care everybody has their own push for what you should do for self-care but it’s different for everybody um for example heavy lifting believe it or not that is my version of self-care which is just bizarre to some people you know and they’ll try and tell me what i need to do for self-care oh what you need to do is yoga you really need to do this for self-care i love yoga i think it’s a great compliment to any lifestyle or any workout regimen however it’s just not my version of self care find what works best for you and don’t put it in a box self care people are going to tell you oh getting a massage is self-care getting this done is self-care doing this to yourself is self-care there’s a reason self is in front of it it’s what lights you up what recharges your battery what brings out the best in you either while you’re doing it or after it’s done for me it’s lifting but i wish it would be more normalized for example strength training right when you see people lift or when you think of resistance training it’s probably why a lot of people don’t think of it as self-care because what you see on instagram is fast-paced grueling sweating people rolling on the floor in agony and talking about my trainer tried to kill me today and i can barely move it’s ruining the image of self-care but when you do it right the way strength training was intended to be done which is a slow slow slow slow as molasses pace i’m talking three seconds down two seconds up on every movement three minutes of rest between sets grinding through five rounds right taking your time working on your breathing working on full range of motion it’s completely different from what most people see and view as resistance training and i think that that’s why it gets a bad name for self-care so don’t pay attention to what other people’s version is of self-care and when you see resistance training on instagram realize that’s really not the way it’s supposed to be done that’s just their spin on it there’s a lot of different ways and promise you if you give it a shot you might be shocked at how different strength training can actually be depending upon where you do it either way find out what works for you and stick with it don’t let people tell you what self care is they’re not you