Video Transcript:

so people ask me a bunch you know or or pull me aside after training which i love and they’ll say hey what can i do to squeeze more out of this you know how can i get to like the next level how can i get more results how can i squeeze everything i’ve got i feel like i’m doing everything right now the when that when that happens this is the first few hurdles that i clear one is you have to realize it doesn’t happen fast so i always remind people because they’ll say hey i want to be in shape you’re in great shape just tell me what you do one is it doesn’t happen fast been doing this forever it is a marathon it is not a sprint and those people that you see that are in shape on instagram selling you those items selling you those detoxes selling you this fancy fast-paced complicated movement hit routine it’s all bs it’s never going to happen for you just randomly doing that and thinking you can get it done in a short amount of time besides that there’s still help on the way so that’s just the first hurdle that i remind people is one it’s not gonna happen fast two is nutrition okay it’s the number one number two next thing is time and then nutrition okay and until you have a healthy relationship with food i don’t care what your trainer is telling you to eat what you’re excluding what calories you’re counting nutrition needs to be addressed second and 99 of the people um have just a misconception of what’s right what’s wrong what foods are good what foods are bad so it’s the second thing we address beyond that time and nutrition the next believe it or not biggest mistake that i see people make is not sinking in enough effort into the regular working sets meaning if we’re doing five sets of ten they’ll see that programmed and they’ll not work hard on the first set they’ll not work hard on the second set or if we’re doing like a ladder of percentage work maybe we’re starting at 70 and we’re going to work up to 90. they won’t go hard until 90 percent because one they view 90 is the most beneficial so it’s getting through to them hey i gotta lift heavier i’ll put all my eggs into that basket that last set or if there’s not percentage work it’s five sets of ten that fifth set of ten that’s going to be where i need to work the hardest wrong think of it it’s funny how it all ties to like financial advice think about it in terms of money that would be like saying uh these twenty dollar and thirty dollar purchases are insignificant they don’t really mean much what i’m really gonna do is make the ten thousand hundred thousand dollar purchase my car and my home those are the ones that i’m really going to focus on and make those deals count and get every nickel and dime i can out of it wrong wrong and if you do every set with full integrity full range of motion most people’s viewpoint is i’m going to be too fatigued to do the real fifth set i’m going to be too fatigued to do the set when it counts they all count and if you watch a pro they will do that 70 with almost more integrity than they will than 90 meaning they’re moving slow as dirt full range of motion they’re going to make that 70 percent hard and that’s where the other coaching cue comes in rest if you’re taking proper rest set one to set five you’re still gonna have energy for that fist set if you’re resting properly but that’s the other mind trap is everything they’re seeing on instagram is based on speed the faster you do it the better well yeah no kidding you’re conserving energy for your fifth set because you’re going too fast on the first and you’re not focusing on proper form and technique you’re not really making that first set count so that’s how we clear a lot of these mental traps when people ask for advice