Video Transcript:  this is a perfect time to bring this up because our 13 weeks is about to start and it’s it’s something i want to address because everyone asks me oh is you know you do 13 weeks because that’s the maximum amount of time needed for me to make giant changes no it’s the exact opposite it’s the minimal amount of time needed to implement tiny changes okay because remember the motto here is sustainability and rugged repetition of the basics so for example this is what i tell people they’re starting out or even veterans that are coming back keep it simple let’s pick one thing that you could repeat day in and day out for 13 weeks straight which is 91 days and that’s where the magic lies not in these drastic changes these rash decisions omitting everything from your diet forget that watch this if you were to come two times uh previously but you said you know what this 13 weeks i’m gonna bump it up by two i’m gonna come four times you’re going from like 29 visits in a 13 week program to over 50 game changer watch this with protein i tell everyone here especially ladies 30 more grams a day is all you need that’s that small change but when you magnify it by 13 weeks 30 more grams a day is almost 3 000 more grams of protein in a 13 week program game changer complete game changer let me show you another one that i used on myself every night i would do a night cap of bourbon i just love bourbon but guess what that would come in a pair i wouldn’t just do one i would have a second one we all are guilty of that but watch this if i just omitted the second one and i just did my one night cap and called it that’s one small change that i could implement for 13 weeks that is 000 calories short that i would come up in 13 weeks game changer right there so stop thinking of it in terms of maximum this day and night changes to my body no take one small thing that you can repeat without even thinking that’s where the magic is gonna lie every single time and that’s why we do 13 weeks at a time on top of that it’s seasonal you have spring summer winter fall it is the perfect way to plan out your attack