Video Transcript:  With assessments being over this is the two big things that come up two big questions how do i burn more fat how do i build muscle or how do i maintain muscle fat loss is almost the simple answer right it’s just always going to be a calorie deficit there’s things that can aid in a calorie deficit like your sleep how many steps you’re getting a day but it’s very basic the muscle part is a little more complicated and you’ll see after just a couple minutes here it’s where other facilities get it wrong the first thing you have to understand with muscle is that there is three mechanisms that help muscle growth okay you have tension you have damage and then you have the pump so the tension would be moving the heaviest weight from point a to b so if your program includes that moving heavy loads from a to b you know anywhere up to ninety percent of your one rep max and there we go right there if your program isn’t focusing on a one rep max or doing percentage work off of that one rep max you’re already minus one mechanism of muscle growth you’re already missing that so that right there is already one of the cracks that’s going to make this thing crumble it takes a load you know to to get the right amount of weight on that bar i mean you’ve got to be moving some weight so that’s tension there’s muscular damage which is focusing on tempo time under tension the muscles spend more time under stress moving at a squat three seconds down two seconds up um tempo lifting which you’ll see here that we do that all the time a lot of places focus on speed or efficiency it should look like people are moving in slow motion and tell me the last time you saw that on instagram so right there it’s probably missing from the program the third one is the pump and that’s more of a continuous movement now you will see that at places 12 to 20 reps very little rest high rep quick pace one down one up anyone can achieve that so that’s the one that isn’t hardly missing now once you have those three things in place you’re not done then here’s what we need to understand two things are responsible for muscle once you get those three in place so if you have those three in place which you do at tighten up you can almost bypass part one which is the signal the signal and the supplies are what build muscle so if you fell short pay attention the signal is sending the signal to the body that yo muscle is important i’m going to be needing it on a daily basis so we’re going to either hang on to it or we’re going to build it okay so that is your attendance coming in lifting at least three times a week that’s sending the signal that this is important help me out here i’m being put in situations where i’m being forced to lift that’s the signal the second is the supplies calories and protein you can have the biggest v12 engine in your in your ferrari or whatever you have if that tank of gas is empty i don’t care what engine you have in that car i don’t care how heavy you’re lifting you can lift 500 pounds a day monday through friday push pull press unless you’re getting in enough calories and unless you’re getting enough protein those muscles don’t have fuel they have no reason to stay there on your body they have no reason to maintain they have no reason to build so three mechanisms of muscle growth once you check off all three in your program make sure your program has it then you can move on to the signal are we sending that signal those three things are we sending that at least three times a week and then the supplies are we getting enough calories which needs to be above maintenance so you’re going gonna do your body weight times 15 and add a couple hundred calories one to three hundred and then protein a gram per pound of goal weight has to be hit or you’re sunk muscle is a lot more complicated than just eating at a deficit for fat loss