Protein Hacks!

Video Transcript:

All right protein which is the number one macronutrient number one most important macronutrient of the three okay um this is a number one uh hang up too the number one item that’s missed you’ll see in that pyramid that i just posted for fat loss weight loss calorie deficit is numero uno the second thing most people think is strength training it’s actually protein intake so i’m going to show you why here because you can do all the strength training in the world if you’re not getting in enough protein it’s not going to make a difference okay so it is the number one macro for fat loss okay um it preserves muscle while in a deficit it also controls hunger it’s the most satiating you would think it would be carbs that would fill you up but no it’s protein actually keeps you full longer okay so those two things right there are working for it maintaining muscle while in a restricted state a calorie deficit keeping you full longer and then the third thing the biggest thing is the thermic thermogenic effect that it has so all three macronutrients have some slight degree of uh thermogenic effect which is just burning calories to digest it so for example carbs when you when you digest carbs you’re gonna get anywhere from five to ten percent okay that’s the return the amount of calorie burn it takes to digest that fats are zero to three percent which is very little protein is 20 to 30 percent return so for example if you weigh 150 pounds and you eat a hundred calories of protein 20 to 30 calories of that hundred which is a huge deal is going to be burned digesting the protein so why wouldn’t you take more protein suggested amount varies i think it’s totally safe totally fine all the research i’ve seen to do 0.8 to 1.2 grams per pound now here’s the catch if you feel you have weight to lose do slightly less do one gram per pound of goal weight okay if you feel that you want to build muscle or gain and you’re not worried about weight or you’re in a calorie deficit then do 0.8 to 1.2 per actual pound okay so there’s a huge difference there also um beyond that let me show you this protein hack because everyone says oh there’s no way i can get enough i’m struggling to get enough protein you already know what foods include protein it’s easy to develop a list but here is the hack okay this is what i do 30 grams why they call it a supplement you’re supplementing a gap so let’s just say for me i’m 180 pounds i’m trying to get in about 180 grams of protein plus per day so watch this hack in the morning it doesn’t matter when in the morning at some point i will do 30 grams of protein with water because i want the calories low i don’t want the calories from my protein shake i’d rather eat the calories in a different form like beer or ice cream so i save those calories i don’t want it in the liquid protein shake i’m drinking protein for the job of drinking protein so i do 30 grams with water in the morning at some point i do 30 grams with water in the evening at some point probably closer to bedtime that’s 60 grams between those two goal posts okay 30 and 30. all i have to do now is hit 120 from regular food to close the gap so it’s all that does is closes the gap and that’s why it’s called a supplement you’re supplementing the lack so revisit this if you need to take notes on all those benefits from protein hitting it there’s if you can lift 500 pounds a day every single day for the rest of your life nothing’s going to happen with return on investment unless you’re getting in enough protein it’s also going to keep you more full it’s going to help you maintain muscle because remember the one thing you don’t want to do is strip muscle off if you’re in a deficit all those things are working for it it’s time hit it hit those numbers hit the goal numbers just gave you the hack think of it as goal posts and closing gaps

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