Video Transcript: Prioritizing fat loss or weight loss um i posted a while back about the hierarchy of fat loss or weight loss and it’s just a great reminder even for me to get those building blocks the in the right spot so everybody assumes it’s the calories that you burn in your workout so you want to work out as hard as possible burn as many calories as possible do two a day three a day workouts and totally just blow it out that would be the number one factor for weight loss fat loss is how much you’re expelling expending is completely wrong when you look at it according to the tdee chart which is your total daily energy expenditure right which is how much you are spending on these items exercise represents a sliver literally a sliver of what you burn for the day so it would be like taking if you had a million dollars and investing it into some offshore account that gave you this much return on your money it would almost be a waste of your time that million dollars could be invested in something with a gigantic return double digit return exercise this bit so if we look at that chart and the hierarchy the base building block is calorie deficit that is always going to be number one without it you will never lose weight you’ll never lose fat in fact that is the only way fat or weight is ever lost is a calorie deficit meaning you’re burning more than you consume the second block believe it or not which i even made a mistake i thought was strength training during a calorie deficit and you’re lifting weights with progressive overload the more muscle you can maintain the more you can build the faster your metabolism that complements your calorie deficit wrong it’s actually flipped with protein intake calorie deficit protein intake is the very next item we need to prioritize if you look at that tdee chart your expenditure chart exercises a sliver like this the thermic thermogenic effect of food which is what we died burn digesting protein is actually equal to or bigger than exercise okay so those mop the floor with sweat workouts and all that it actually represents a bigger sliver of expenditure over working out so that’s why it’s prioritized next so you’re going to do calorie deficit protein intake then comes strength training so you can work out and do as many weight training workouts as you want if you’re on an empty tank and you’re not providing the right stimulus for growth which is protein it doesn’t matter what you lift doesn’t matter how often you lift so calorie deficit protein intake strength training the next one is your steps it’s your neat getting in seven to ten thousand steps a day standing instead of sitting it’s your overall movement and on the tdee chart that represents a giant chunk because it’s time spent you are spending more time fidgeting every day than you are in your 60 minute workout it’s happening continuously and at the top of the pyramid of hierarchy is your hit training burpees cardio all that okay so that is also just ancillary it’s like sprinkles on top of ice cream does it have some kind of effect sure but is it the is it the basis is it the the the foundation never never never never so let’s get those right protein first then strength training um and it’s amazing to me how many people you probably catch yourself doing this how many people are like oh my workout burn 900 you know here look at the picture of this here look at where my heart rate’s at the whole time 900 calories but are consuming 80 grams of protein a day when you need one gram per pound of goal weight so you’re like not even halfway there most of you if the average person is 150 pounds think about that why are you so harping on those 900 calories burnt when you’re not even close to the protein gold not even by a long shot and it’s the second most important thing on that pyramid