So i shared a thing yesterday that talked about if you want to maximize gains which is building lean muscle which a lot of you keep in mind have more lean muscle to build than you do fat to lose and building lean muscle takes way longer so i shared this post about if you want to hammer it out and really pack on some lean muscle it’s extremely hard to do so to maximize that the best thing you can do is separate cardio from lifting stop tying them together and people get upset when i say that it’s like oh you’re against cardio not against cardio i love getting my heart rate up i love doing hit and i never said combining lifting with cardio can’t be hit sure it is no one’s saying it’s not all i’m saying is this if you were to run a 5k which is what you’re there to do you’re there to run a 5k whether it’s for time or just completion what if there were pit stops along the way in that 5k where you were forced to pit stop and hammer out squats heavy sets of squats how good would your 5k time be it wouldn’t be good at all because you’re destroying your ability to run by doing squats no one gets upset about that you know they’re like oh that makes perfect sense yeah i don’t want to do that in the middle of my 5k but when it comes to lifting and your main goal instead of running for time your main goal is now to pack on lean muscle which is going to speed up your metabolism when you’re trying to separate cardio out of the lifting people get upset oh i love doing cardio and i want to mix it in and it’s called hit and it’s okay to mix together sure it is in certain intervals but nothing is going to trump hard hard sets of lifts four to six rounds of heavy weight with three minutes of rest in between hit training lean muscle building versus doing it in slow controlled heavy increments just maximizing the outcome so hope we don’t take offense to that there’s nothing wrong with cardio there’s nothing wrong with mixing it together in small doses but if you really want to maximize those gains you have to completely separate the two it’s church and state