The “TEA” on weightlifting

Video Transcript: All right the t this is the t with weight lifting um it all day long i see people making these these mistakes and and viewing weight lifting in the wrong way so i’m gonna try and create some analogies that will hopefully get those light bulbs to flash get you guys to wake up and see it for what it is um all day long you’re you’re being bombarded on instagram and social media with these tiny they might not look tiny to you but to the trained eye it’s tiny little movements done in rapid succession and they’re very fancy and they’re sequential like lunge to a row to a press or something like that you know what i’m talking about um it appears the person is very busy it appears that person is getting a lot done in a short amount of time yo this is my hotel workout and it’s like these really quick like jump lunge jump lunge jump lunge into a push-up into like a yoga move scoop chaturanga whatever you call it into a lunge and press with some like lunge kicks hop kicks plank kicks burpees all these things yeah i get it it looks wild it looks fancy it looks like that person’s burning a ton of calories but here’s how you i want you to view it with analogy one if you were to take like an artist a canvas you take a blank canvas and it’s like the size of a car which is your body those little tiny movements it’s like the single joint moves like a bicep curl maybe just your knees moving maybe it’s just a plank jack whatever that’s like taking that whole canvas that you have to work with and just painting the top little corners with a with a brush of a stroke right there blah blah blah that’s what those moves are essentially you’re not using hardly any of your body even though it looks fancy so that’s why we use barbells and dumbbells and do compound movements which are the biggest movements what tighten up focus is on bench press squat deadlift pull-ups that is using such a broad area of your body it’s like taking that canvas and splashing the whole thing murdering that thing with pain what do you think is going to burn more calories is it the painting the little tiny corners or is it using the entire canvas and spreading it out that’s going to cause more trauma to a larger part of the body now what happens is the more trauma you can cause an analogy coming after this the more trauma you can cause the longer the body spends repairing itself the more calories you burn the more likely you are to add lean muscle which is going to contribute to the calories you burn while out of the gym which is where you spend all of your time so think about it like this if you were to take pebbles there’s a still lake there’s mountains in the background this lake looks like sheet glass you can see the reflection of the mountains in it if you were to chuck those tiny movements those plank jacks those burpees those jumping lunge kicks spider kicks if you were to throw those movements into the lake it’s like a little pebble here let me chuck this little pebble the lake would cause like so it would cause reverberations but very quickly that lake would resettle back to what it was sheet glass now taking bench squat deadlift pull-ups rows all those big body compound movements that use the whole canvas that’s like chucking a gigantic boulder into that glass lake how long do you think those reverberations are going to take before that lake settles back to zero it’s going to be like eight times as long since more massive trauma was caused to the area that’s what you need to be careful of it’s so easy to get caught up in these fancy celebrity moves looking all wild doing a lot in a little bit of time it is far more beneficial for you to spend 30 minutes crushing those big body canvas moves bolder into a lake moves than those tiny pebbles and after a while those tiny pebbles become less and less because there’s no progressive overload so think about this do you think your body’s going to burn more calories when you can bench 100 pounds or squat 100 pounds versus how about when you can bench 200 pounds or you can squat 200 pounds what do you think the body’s going to require more fuel from the 100 pound lift or the 200 pound lift so again progressively getting stronger at these lifts the body’s constantly being asked for more give me more give me more this you’re throwing bigger and heavier stuff at me i need assistance and that assistance more than likely is going to come from fat if your calories are in check hopefully that all makes sense that’s the t

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