Your Metabolism

Video Transcript: Your metabolism everyone confuses metabolism with more activity so for example your metabolism is based on age height weight um yes lean muscle is part of that how much lean muscle you’re carrying other than that there’s really not a lot of room to manipulate your metabolism your your base burn rate other than adding lean muscle which you know takes a long time it’s a lot of hard work there’s so many things that go into that and there’s so much length involved um it would be better to stop focusing on metabolism and worrying about steps your overall activity not talking about cardio i’m just talking about daily movement so i think a lot of people are like oh man my metabolism is so slow my metabolism is broke my metabolism needs a reboot none of those things are true it is simply daily movement you’ve got to stop being so sedentary aim for 7 000 to 10 000 steps a day consume protein which yes is going to help your metabolism you literally burn calories digesting protein nothing for carbs nothing for fats it’s insignificant walk get in seven to ten thousand steps stand at your desk if you have a seated one set intervals to stand up periodically seven to ten thousand steps consume and hit your protein goals that is going to manipulate the outcome a lot better a lot quicker than fixing your metabolism it’s not your metabolism focus on getting stronger add as much lean muscle as you can possibly can so main focus of your workouts getting stronger hit your steps and watch what happens from what you think is your metabolism working for you it’s actually those steps and your overall activity level on a daily basis

Allen Decker: