So about eight to ten years ago i got in a car accident on 95 and was dragged down my back and shoulder and i’ve got traumatic onset fibromyalgia basically crushed the nerve branches and affected all the muscles in my back on the left side it was debilitating so i started researching different ways to strengthen my back without the medication and the strength training was the first the thing that kept coming up um i’d been to gyms and i was an athlete when i was younger but i never really wanted to do any kind of weightlifting because i didn’t want to get big and i figured that i would get big as soon as i started because i’m not a small girl and um so i came andy’s gym was about a block away from where i lived so i could just walk to it in the morning and i just started kind of going there to figure out like if it was something i would be into well when i first came in i i actually noticed a difference in the way that i felt my back didn’t hurt as bad after about the third or fourth week of working out i could actually wake up and and was able to move more freely because i have the injuries that i have andy’s been very helpful as far as um he doesn’t necessarily push me to do the heavy weights and to bulk up but he helps me like keep my form right we add incrementally instead of like big weights and the class is spread out for every range of person i see myself like going you know from a 20 to a 25 and then one day all of a sudden it’s not hard anymore and i can go up another five pounds and it’s kind of exciting to notice like you know after you’ve hit that set and you’re like wait i could probably do more after about the first year i had lost weight and i had a lot of my mobility back i wasn’t really seeing a big difference in my body anymore and i came in for one of the assessments and one of the trainers told me that my attendance had a lot to do with it my attendance i was going maybe two or three days a week and kind of sporadically so i made the decision to try and come more often they actually added another class that fit with my schedule really well so i was coming four or five times a week at that point and it’s only an hour a day so from 7 45 to 8 45 is pretty easy and then you’re just done for the day but i noticed definitely once i started attending class more than two or three days a week suddenly the muscle started burning the fat and i could see like a big difference and now i actually am excited to get up in the morning everybody that comes here is super nice they’re all helpful everybody from the trainers the members and i just enjoy coming and seeing everybody you