Progressive Overload

Video Transcript:

okay week four one version of progressive overload is just doing a little more volume and a little more weight okay so we’re gonna add a set we’re gonna add a little bit of weight that forces the body to adapt okay because you’re asking it to do something that wasn’t previously used to doing because we did four sets of 12 on week three it’s as simple as it gets but it’s so simple everybody overlooks it no way that could be the answer that’s too basic there’s got to be some trick to me getting in shape so explain that to them in the beginning it is that basic that’s why we’re going to repeat it we’re also going to repeat squats because of this one reason if we squat it once a week for 13 weeks that’s 13 times in 91 days not nearly enough that would be like being up to bat trying to hit a home run but you only get 13 tries out of three months your batting average would be terrible you wouldn’t get any better it’s the same concept here but it’s so basic people forget that so set up your squats pins out floor space wide open bench is back here we’re going to use it for uni glute thrust eventually your charts out for percentage because again some people might not have a number yet we’re going to find it by using a 10 rep weight or the people that have a chart or have a number they’re going to use 70 percent

Allen Decker: