Video Transcript: All right so something a lot of gyms will leave out is the purpose of rep ranges you know which is important for people’s goals because a lot of different rep ranges have a lot of different outcomes all of them build muscle to a degree but when we look at terms spread out of your programming over a week it’s important to see where certain things should land according to your fitness goals so if we look at bigger movements or compound movements like bench squat deadlift big heavy lifts or even the small lifts this is the way it works the fewer reps you can lift with any weight the higher your intensity is going to be the higher reps you can lift with a weight the lower your intensity is going to be so you can have an intense workout where you’re mopping the floor with sweat but if you’re able to pull off all these extreme rep ranges your intensity is actually quite low as far as muscle fibers muscle fiber recruitment so in any given week this is what we do at tighten up fitness with the big movements we will try and net 60 to 140 reps per week now that’s spread out amongst the workouts Monday through Friday the smaller groups will do 30 to 80 reps per muscle group that’s bicep curls hamstring curls triceps that way by the end of the week we net the right amount okay um a lot of places if you add up your rep ranges where you are now you can see how different they all are and how far off they all are but look at this fact rep ranges one through five are gonna build mostly strength okay it’s all strength and power and then rep ranges five through eight are gonna build some muscle and some strength together okay eight through ten is going to be some muscle and some strength also so it’s kind of where we land with tighten up we try to hit a spectrum so we get all angles 10 through 12 you’re going to build some muscle and a little endurance okay 12 through 15 you’re going to build more endurance but also a little bit of muscle as well 15 through 20 is going to be mostly endurance now look you can build muscle at any of those rep ranges it’s just going to be different how much um it doesn’t mean if you stick with 10 to 12 that you can’t get stronger i’m not saying you can’t get stronger at the weight you use for 10 to 12 it’s just different for building strength over a long period of time so think about that with your programming count it up how many squats are you doing per week is it enough is it too much is it sending signals to the body that yo i’m stressed out cortisol is going to shoot up high um all these rep ranges in what we net per week and what the rep ranges are used for is super important check with your programming check with your gym see where you land