Weight Loss ???

Video Transcript: So weight loss if you have to focus on it we don’t focus on that it tighten up we prefer fat loss because that’s really what’s gonna be responsible for altering your physique but if you do feel you have a few pounds to lose think about this [...]

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Nutrition Coaching

Our facility offers 13 Weeks of Nutritional Coaching and reinforcement from our trainers, every single day. We have the best nutrition coaching program available and it pairs perfectly with our workout plans!   Video Transcript: What is your goal in the gym if it’s to lose fat and gain muscle [...]

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Progressive Overload

Video Transcript. [Music] all right so something for all of you guys to think about and let’s get some lightbulbs to go off again let’s talk progress okay that is the key fundamental for not just fitness anything at life that you will have a goal or you want to [...]

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Video Transcript [Music] Okay so here’s a good story for you guys this was just on Friday where my landlord came over he’s by next door now so he came over and we’re in here just had just finished working out and he says to me he goes man because [...]

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TitanUp’s Nutrition Courses

Video Transcript: So all of our members that tighten up have access to our nutrition programs which are provided by dop V custom-built and they’re delivered one course at a time per week for 13 weeks that separates tighten up from every other facility that offers a guideline or a [...]

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In Loving Memory of Dusty Cook

Video Transcript: We would do Thursday night cheat night every single Thursday like never skipped right never miss not even one time and we would look through voice magazine in there and I remember looking through void and they with him and they would have a you know like a [...]

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