Different exercises for different types of muscle

Different exercises for different types of muscle ? ?

Video Transcript:

So different exercises don’t build different types of muscle here are the ways that you can change the way your body appears you can build muscle you can lose muscle you can gain fat or you can lose fat that’s it there’s no other way for you to change your body so everyone always asks me well what about appearance why does this guy look bulkier and this person looks more toned what is tone tone is simply adding muscle and removing fat that’s what gives people that toned appearance you don’t do circuit hit training for a toned look and then big lifts and heavy weights for a bigger body lift okay which is the next point well what is bulkiness then why do some people look bulky two reasons a they either unintentionally built too much muscle and i say unintentionally because it is extremely difficult to build muscle in the first place take almost a decade or more and that’s for men for an intermediate male one to two pounds is the most that they could hope to put on so that’s why i say bulkiness is unintentional now that’s where performance enhancing drugs come in and women that also use them to get that bulky look it takes that much shorter of a time to get there or bulkiness can be b having more muscle and more fat on the body therefore appearing larger and bulkier all over there are not different textures of muscle there’s not lean muscle bulky muscle ripped muscle defined muscle muscle is muscle the illusion which makes it look like it’s got different textures to it is the amount of fat that person carries on their body or how much time they spent constantly adding muscle which would take an extreme amount of time women can add muscle half as quick as men and you already know men’s maximum potential off of steroids is one to two pounds a month at the most so the next time you think that you need a different exercise selection for a different type of muscle oh this booty band workout is what’s going to build me that big round but there’s no such thing as building different textures of musk