personal trainer, andrew, at titanup fitness talking about progressive overload.

Progressive Overload

Transcript:In a condensed period, remember, Progressive Overload doesn’t entail adding weight every single week. Progress isn’t always linear. However, our time commitment remains constant. We dedicate one hour to working out, and that’s all we need—ever. That’s the power of resistance training. Some days, we’ll incorporate supersets; other days, giant [...]

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Transcript when I unrack 10 to 12 but the key isleaving two in the tank so on set one ifI unrack and I’m like oh shoot I’m notgoing to be able to make 10 I overguessed A Hard Eight is better than aneasy 10 to 12 on the same hand [...]

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photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Strength Training with Bench Press

Alright, here we go, focusing on bench press strength training. Remember, this is different from bodybuilding where we aim for moderate weight and make it inefficient to lift. Instead, we’re now aiming for heavy weight, moving it efficiently. This doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging; we’ll utilize every hack in [...]

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Group Training with TitanUp Fitness

Strength Training: Maximizes force production: When lifting heavy weights for low reps (6 or less), your muscles rely on ATP-PCr, a rapidly depleted energy source. Three minutes allows for near-complete replenishment of these stores, ensuring you can maintain maximum force output for each set, leading to better strength gains. Prevents [...]

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Creating value as a fitness coach

Transcript: Our motto emphasizes that your education should empower you sufficiently so that you don’t rely on me or any other trainer. You should possess enough knowledge that coaching becomes unnecessary, having learned from us. Yet, people continue their training with us because they genuinely enjoy the sense of community [...]

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