fitness workout at home during hurricane

“TitanUp At-Home Hurricane Idalia Workout



To warm up for the Idalia Hurricane FBI workout, you only need one dumbbell. We’ll begin with three rounds of warm-up exercises. Each round consists of:

  1. Five strict push-ups, even if done from your knees.
  2. Five overhead squats, aiming to go as low as possible.
  3. Five one-arm rows.
  4. T-spine rotation – twist two to three times per side.

Repeat this warm-up for three sets to prepare yourself effectively. Set a timer for five minutes.

Now, let’s dive into the “Idalia” workout, which is a true FBI field agent training test. This workout is designed to keep them conditioned. It’s structured as follows:

  • One bracket of five minutes: As many rounds as possible.
  • Second bracket: One minute of rest.
  • Third bracket: Repeat the five-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible).

Start with bracket one, rest for a minute, then move on to the next bracket. Repeat this sequence twice for a total of 33 minutes of work.

You’ll need just one dumbbell or kettlebell for this full-body workout. If you have a bench, that’s great; otherwise, you can use a coffee table or even perform the exercises from the floor. All exercises are unilateral, with each set consisting of six reps.

First Round (5 Minutes):

  1. Six one-arm rows (weak arm first).
  2. Six suitcase lunges on each leg.
  3. Six one-arm rows on the other side.

Second Round (5 Minutes):

  1. Six single-leg RDLs (each side).
  2. Six overhead presses (each side).
  3. Six Sumo to high rows (each side).

Third Round (5 Minutes):

  1. Six kneeling half rows (each side).
  2. Six kneeling half rows on the other side.
  3. Six walking lunges on one side.
  4. Six walking lunges on the other side.

Remember, maintain a challenging weight and focus on maintaining intensity throughout the workout. After each five-minute round, you have a one-minute rest before the next round starts. Try to match your rounds in subsequent brackets.

This demanding workout is designed to be effective and can be completed with a single dumbbell or kettlebell. Stay safe, and feel free to comment on your experience. Stay strong through the storm!