Lowering body fat percentages by gaining more muscle

Transcript: okay being that we just started a new 13 weeks and we wrapped up assessments it’s a perfect time to focus on the muscle okay like an investor will tell you focus on the money so this is often overlooked and I want to show you guys using myself as an example just for simple math of how if we focus on the muscle how we can use just focusing on that one item really work to our advantage a lot of times when we wrap up scans it’s even me will say well how come my body fat percentage didn’t go down okay so if we take me for example I mean I usually way more than this but at the time of scan so I tell people don’t focus on the scale forget the scale we’re only talking this to get the number I was this weight I had this much muscle and I had this much fat leaving me here with this percentage okay um let me show you how to shift Focus to here and you can really make a huge impact with changes now if I had here focus on muscle let’s say this 13 weeks I said I’m gonna ignore this I’m gonna ignore this or I’m going to focus on this ignore this part okay let’s just say I was able to put on three pounds of muscle via strength training and eating right my fat content didn’t change I would go to 13 simply by putting on three more pounds of muscle even though I stayed the same amount of fat this scale might have climbed up a few pounds but the difference in appearance from 15 down to this would be dramatically different because it’s taking up less space in my body making me have that toned look that everyone’s going let’s say I focus on muscle again this 13 weeks and instead of three pounds of muscle I was able to put on five okay my body fat percentage would be down here at almost 11 percent even though my fat content still sat there so when we focus on weight loss instead of muscle this is typically what happens it’s gonna rob it from the good stuff it’ll probably stay here yes your weight will be down so you’re happy oh the scale dropped but we’re still here because it took away from the good stuff leaving us with the same fat we’re just lighter on the scale so you’re just a smaller version of your current self the body isn’t transforming we have got to focus on the muscle now when we focus on the muscle also keep in mind if I was able to get to that Holy Grail of 150 pounds that I was going for five more pounds of muscle I’ll be burning more calories at rest then I keep my steps up I keep my lifts up if I restrict a little on the calories the body has no choice but to take it from here my metabolism is high muscle needs fuel to live I’m not restricting my body taking in the right calories I’m lifting weights through strength training we have a totally different appearance in our body all we focused on was one thing putting on more muscle by getting stronger and fueling the body that’s it’s done and that’s how we do it without robbing weight from the wrong places in our body now what’s really cool if you are new to strength training you have the advantage someone that’s been doing it this will be my 11th year with Titan up I’m at a disadvantage okay my amount of muscle I can put on goes less and less every year so if you’re brand new you can do What’s called the Holy Grail of Fitness which is lose fat and build muscle at the same time someone like me has to pick one or go with the other I always try and focus on this so if you’ve been going a while this is still your focus if you’re brand new this is still your focus you just have the ability to do both at the same time which is awesome