Full Push / Full Pull Bodybuilding Splits for Weeks 3&4

Okay, here we go, weeks three and four of the program. These weeks have the highest frequency compared to any other weeks. We are incorporating full push and full pull in rotation, back to back to back, with Friday being total body.

What I mean by frequency is as follows: Monday will focus on quads, chest, shoulders, and triceps – it’s a lot. Tuesday will target back, biceps, hamstrings, and a bit of glutes. So, full pull on Tuesday, full push on Monday, and we continue this back and forth until we reach Friday, which is a total body workout.

This structure allows us to have three touches per muscle group per week, pushing the limits and potentially yielding the most gains or aesthetics due to the increased frequency and intensity. Some may ask, “Why not do this all the time?” Well, it’s too much. Sustainability is the key focus of our program.

We aim for two to three touches per muscle group per week. While other approaches may work, we believe in what works best for sustained progress. We implement these full-frequency bursts for two weeks and then revert to two touches per muscle group per week. It’s about finding the balance between reaping benefits and avoiding overtraining and excessive risk.

Our program emphasizes sustainability, and we acknowledge that it’s not about what could work, but what works best. We incorporate high-impact intensity and energy into our routines. Each split is carefully designed to offer the best results. Weeks three and four are particularly effective times to try out this program, pushing yourself and challenging your limits – this is where the gains will be made.