photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Strength Training with Bench Press

Alright, here we go, focusing on bench press strength training. Remember, this is different from bodybuilding where we aim for moderate weight and make it inefficient to lift. Instead, we’re now aiming for heavy weight, moving it efficiently. This doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging; we’ll utilize every hack in the book to push as much weight as possible.

Pay attention to the difference and coach our members accordingly. In terms of form, provide them with an overview, like a giant sub from Larry’s Giant Subs. Give them enough to understand the basics, and then feed them additional details as they progress through the warm-up.

In the warm-up, the key is leg drive. Ensure your glutes are tight, and your legs are like roots in the ground. The distance is crucial – measured perfectly. Unrack without disrupting your position, lower the bar right below the nipple line, between the sternum and nipple, then slightly back. Keep your wrists up. Let’s practice this with about three reps at around 75%. Remember, these percentages are guidelines. Consider how you feel that day, your carb intake, your practice, and if you’ve been honest with yourself.

The percentages act as a wedge to keep everyone honest. There will be outliers – those struggling to meet the percentages and others exceeding them due to a good day or outdated one-rep max. So, interpret the wedge like trimming a hedge; it’s a guideline to help us keep things even and people honest during their workouts.