Andrew at Titan Up Fitness working on legs

Leg Day breakdown with TitanUp Fitness


Okay, here we go. This is a superset for sets one, two, three, and four. It will become a giant set because we’re going to mix in Romanian deadlifts (RDLs) for more glutes and hamstrings. Glutes, quads, hams, and glutes, okay? So that’s going to be the mixture. You have to start here, and we’re going to do eight per leg. And remember, this is simply stretching the hip, which will target the glutes. You can also alternate, but for me, one leg works better. Weak leg first, reach forward, up at a slant. Now mark, Carol lunge. I’m not going to lock out; I’m going to go to three-quarters, three-quarters, three-quarters. That way, tension stays on the leg the whole time. I don’t ever want to come up to here and rest. So here, slant, three-quarters, slant escalator, three-quarters, three-quarters. Once I reach eight per leg, I’m going to set them down with no rest. Now I’m going to think the opposite: elevator. Straight down, straight up. If I can’t get there, that’s what the shims are for. I will shim my heels straight down, straight up. Now, this is the secondary movement, which you guys should know by now with bodybuilding. It is making a movement inefficient to lift. This is going to be hugely compromised because we did that first, so it’s impossible to pin it with one number. That’s why we’re going to leave a wedge, and we’re going to work till two reps are left in reserve. For some people, that’s going to be six, some eight, some ten. On sets two, three, four, it’s going to change again drastically. So, as long as it’s two reps in reserve, that’s true bodybuilding because it’s making one of these really inefficient. Take a long break, come back, set two, boom, boom, step to here. Now, this is a third lift, so it is impossible to target an exact rep. It is going to be inefficient because our legs are fatigued. But what we’re going to do is leave, again, two reps in reserve. And remember, the less bend you have in the knee, the more hamstrings it’s going to be. So, I would do a soft bend. If not, almost stiff-legged, shove your hips back. If you’re stiff-legged, you won’t be able to go as low, but it’s not about the depth, it’s about the max distance your hips can go back. Okay, take a break, set three, set four. That completes everything we need to do up top for legs.