Repeating the same exercises for improvement

Video Transcript: all right here’s what we’re going to do this is very similar to what we did a few weeks ago that’s what makes progress for we have to get across to people in classes it would be better for four to six weeks out of our 13 weeks to repeat nearly the same exercises except get better range of motion and add weight than it would to be changing up exercises all the time because what are you getting better at if every single time you do legs is something completely different the body doesn’t have time to try and make any progress so what we’re going to do is merely the same damn thing except try and get better at it right it’d be like getting to the foul line for free credits getting to that line and hitting free throw after free throw with practice that’s going to make you better at free throws or would doing a granny shot a hook shot all different kinds of shots every single time you train make you better at free throws no we want to shape our legs let’s keep the exercise core the same year for this unilateral movement and we’re going to just amplify range of motion