Photo by Karl Solano: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-doing-push-ups-2780762/

The truth about toning your body

Video Transcript: okay so we’re going to cover toning or the theory of tone every single thing that you’ve ever been taught or sold in a program about toning is complete BS so we’re going to educate on this topic where muscle is just muscles it’s as simple as it gets there are different textures there are different types that you’re going to build toning is what I’m going to go through here despite what you’ve been told nothing I mean nothing tones of muscle nothing defines a muscle nothing sculpts a muscle nothing makes a muscle on a person more ripped than another person nothing makes a muscle look more cut nothing makes a muscle more lean you’ll hear people say oh this will build complete lean muscle this is going to make you look really toned and really sculpted they throw all these words around based on you not being educated or gullible to buy into it so they can sell you different styles of muscle based on rep ranges based on exercise selection so let’s go back to the top everything you know or have been sold about toning is complete BS so now that you know you can just build muscle muscle is muscle so what is the truth what is the truth about toning what is it that makes some people appear toned and some not the truth about toning is this is exactly what it is it’s a building a degree of soul while removing the cover so it’s building muscle and or holding the muscle you have minus some fat that is how we appear toned we’re not building different textures of muscle okay so how do we do this how do we add muscle and remove some of the covering giving us this toned effect without all these sales and gimmicks of rep ranges and exercise selections that’s how we’re going to figure this part out so here’s how you tone in truth one we can remove the covering we can lose fat two we can build more muscle making the skin fit tighter without losing fat or we could do a combination of both which is more for beginners beginners luck they have an easier time so this is the only thing we can do to tone the only thing you can do with your muscle is grow the muscle or not grow it there are no textures there are no different types there’s no lean ripped sculpt versions of toning so don’t buy into the schemes you’re either adding a degree of muscle or removing a degree of fat and that’s ultimately what tone is.