Workout Splits for best results

let’s talk about frequency so here’s thekey everyone thinks that muscle andgrowth and progress is built in the gymwrong the effort is put in in the gymthe muscle and the build the strengtheverything that you build with your bodyis done in the recovery so what we havehere at tighten up is the perfectbalance because we want to touch everymuscle group two to three times per weekwhich is like the max amount of touchesyou can do in a weekstill allowing recovery because rememberrecovery is where the magic happens sowe can’t do legs every day more isn’tmore less isn’t always better either wehave to find the perfect balance sowe’re going to take an example of one ofour splits here where on Monday we woulddo push groups Tuesday pool Wednesdaylegs Thursday upper Friday lowerremember the goal touch every musclegroup two to three times which allows usthe max amount of progress but yet we’renot pushing the body too hard becauseall the magic happens with our abilityto recover so here we gopush groupsthat would involve chest that wouldinvolve triceps for your armsthat’s one and one for each pull groupsthat would involve backthat would involve biceps that wouldinvolve some forearms legsthatis going to cover it all upper bodythat is going to cover it all now we’regoing to go here back into lower bodythat is going to cover it all now herewe have two touches per week assumingyou come every day you throw in Saturdayfor extra credit boom you have the maxamount of frequency to shape the bodybut the key part the recovery comingalong with it so you don’t over trainlet’s take another split off of hereremember maximum frequency two to threetouches per week but we have a seven dayweek so you have to factor in everythingthat shapes your body and heals it isbased on the recovery out of the gym sowe max out the frequency here but weallow enough recovery you don’t get asinjured you don’t get as burnt out youget maximum goals you get maximum growthmaximum fat loss whatever it may be solet’s test this split Monday would beupper body Tuesday lower Wednesday upperThursday lower Friday total body here wego Monday upper bodywe get one touch per every single groupup top lower on Tuesday quads handsglutes caps back to third Wednesdayupper we get chest back bicep tricepforearms Thursday back to lowerFriday totalthat would be everything we have touchedevery muscle group three times in thatweek yet we have alternated the days sowe allow the recovery which is where thebody is built in the recovery