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Did you know protein digestion burns calories?

VideoTranscript: okay energy expenditure again a couple weeks ago we covered the importance of meat and how neat totally exceeds the amount of calories you burn in any given day versus how much your workout Burns which is why we do not use our workout to to burn calories we use our workout to build Mobility to get stronger to boost our mood and internal health but we do not use it for calories we use calories for smarter methods like meat so now that you guys know the importance of meat and how it equates to three times as much calorie burn as your workout let’s focus on one we haven’t visited yet TEF which is the thermogenic effect of food your digestion in this case protein okay protein takes a lot of calories to break down in the body so I always tell clients here that protein is more important for fat loss than it is for building muscle why because 10 percent of our daily calorie burn comes from digesting protein so here is the analogy in class where I’ll talk to people hey are you coming in and working out yeah I was here five days a week I burn like 900 calories every workout okay cool but did you track your protein no no you didn’t but if we look at this chart protein represents double the amount of calories that you could have burned than what you did in your workout but you’re tracking your workout calorie burn but you’re not keeping track of protein not only does it burn more calories to digest it helps you heal it aids in brain function it’s better for the overall body’s performance in a workout think about this if you were to consume protein right before bed and you know the body takes calories to break it down you are literally burning calories while you’re asleep so it burns double the amount of calories that your workout does again work out to get stronger not burn calories