Creating value as a fitness coach


Our motto emphasizes that your education should empower you sufficiently so that you don’t rely on me or any other trainer. You should possess enough knowledge that coaching becomes unnecessary, having learned from us. Yet, people continue their training with us because they genuinely enjoy the sense of community we have cultivated.

I firmly believe that sub-optimal form can still be acceptable, as long as it doesn’t cause any pain and isn’t egregiously wrong. I am a living testament to this, as I’ve achieved remarkable results despite not always having perfect form. Spectacular form isn’t a prerequisite for those not competing in events. The critical factor is a solid understanding of the underlying principles – the “why” behind each movement. This understanding fuels motivation and clarifies the purpose behind each exercise.

Now, let’s delve into the workout routine. In the first segment, we’re going to perform a superset involving a vertical pull in conjunction with a hamstring movement in an elongated position. The second part of the workout focuses on a horizontal pull movement while training the hamstrings in a contracted position. It’s crucial to address these muscles from various angles since they have multiple ranges of motion.

Remember, muscles themselves lack intelligence; it’s the body’s structural design that’s intelligent. Therefore, our training approach must align with the body’s biomechanics, not just the muscles. This diverse approach enables us to work with different angles and movement variations.