titanup fitness sneek peak

A sneak peek at what separates us from other facilities

Video Transcript: Now here it’s simple they have to start here because it’s a superset quad then glue okay but they need a stand here for a goblet that’s fine for me this works great so barbell works for me I’m going to keep it i can get over this ball easily I’ve already checked that it’s the right depth for me knees travel further over the toes and i stay upright 8 to 12 touching the ball so i get range of motion I’ll immediately wrap it now the second person in my group doesn’t go yet because i have to do each leg for lunges so if they jump the gun and rush they’re going to be right on top of me I’ve only done one leg since 8 to 12 each leg so holding two dumbbells glute dominant reverse lunge I’m going to lean in and keep my knee back here they don’t have to slam their knee on the ground it could be right here age 12 starting with my weak leg pushing with the glutes okay pushing up and forward other leg leaning in knee behind the toe up and forward eight to twelve that should force me to take a really long break let everyone go groups of four and five work great because by the time the fifth person has gone in my group or fourth I’m recovered and I’m ready to go again two people doesn’t work i will race every time the finisher they’re going to get a hex fire out of moderate weight we’re gonna do rdl right into hip breasts back and forth for two sets which I’ll show you now and that’s at the end of four