Group Training Simplified

Video Transcript:

So if it’s your first visit to tighten up I wanted to paint a picture for you of how our group training works to eliminate some of the fear that you might have with coming in cold I can’t do this yes or if you’re a group training enthusiast and I have no fear with coming in and doing group exercise I want to paint a picture for you that clearly illustrates what separates tighten up fitness is group training from other group training that’s available so the way our system works is private groups we limit attendance to 16 members and within that 16 you are sub grouped into a private pod of four or less now in that group of four or less you are scaled according to skill level so that way you’re never thrown in over your head and your nose not also not being held back either it’s a way of scaling each group and taking away the intimidation because you are in a sub pod that focuses on the workout just as a tiny group it also allows the trainer to more effectively coach you because the trainer knows the skill level of each sub group so for example if we’re doing squats a lot of group training will tell you do 15 reps of squats well what is that wait what is that intensity the trainer doesn’t know the client doesn’t know either and you end up having a big margin for error with your intensity because there’s guesswork our boards and our routines will tell you to use a percentage of your own ability now we have an exact number there’s no margin for error and it also allows you to do your ability that scaled to your needs versus doing the weight of another clients that takes away all the risk for our unique pod system also leverages rest where if everyone’s doing a percentage of their own ability the rest is equally so no one is finishing way ahead no one’s being left behind the percentage of workload allows everyone to rest an equal amount and it keeps the subgroups on the same page after all of our group training runs its course we all group up now as one large group and we pair that with a post stretch routine that is scaled and done according to what muscle groups we did in the current routine [Music]