In Loving Memory of Dusty Cook

Video Transcript:

We would do Thursday night cheat night every single Thursday like never skipped right never miss not even one time and we would look through voice magazine in there and I remember looking through void and they with him and they would have a you know like a career spotlight or like a local person that was like doing something new and innovative and we would I remember the conversation where I we were talking like yo like what would you do you know like if this was the spotlight of you in this magazine [Music] I wasn’t putting in any kind of effort into discovering other options or what I could be doing with my life but because he and I talked about that so much like trying to you know what would what sure call it like what would you do right you know and if I didn’t start chasing those things I was letting him down because he was no longer able to chase his passions which was sports casting it was like a ringing in my ears like just you know to where you just can’t even believe it [Music] February 1st 2012 I woke up at 4:30 a.m. later that day found him dead in his room he died in his sleep did everything together best friend and roommate of four years right so I was like I that’s it I got to do something I’ve got to change I’ve got to completely turn everything inside out right here right now