Nutrition education exposes fitness exercise selection misinformation

Video Transcript: So here’s exactly what will happen right in about five years that’s the time frame I’m giving it all of the methods that tighten up practices everything we preach will become a golden standard for fitness right and the reason I am so confident that will happen is because of nutrition the further along education goes okay with with fitness minded people health minded people the more education that’s out there with nutrition which is happening more and more and more thankfully every year the more woke people will become with Fitness and realizing that exercise selection was never in control okay all of your running your although your treadmill stuff and your cardio and your 45-minute hit classes and all that stuff was never in control of building muscle or burning fat okay in fact those items per hour ranked very low on the totem pole but only after nutrition education comes in will people we be privy to that well they know what that is calories where that always the driver behind the wheel where a calorie surplus is where you’ll be able to grow size and grow muscle deficit will be able to burn fat the selection of exercise is simply the accelerator now if we take deadlifts for example per hour burn far more than any running events you could ever do if we were to take deadlifts they also cause more muscular damage they help you recruit more muscle fibers they are far more taxing on the body therefore the body spends more time recovering because of all that muscular damage now the more muscle you hold the faster your metabolism the more calories you burn at so if you’re in a calorie deficit the deadlift rapidly accelerates that method and that goal if you want to build muscle the same exact thing happens with deadlifts your body is trying desperately to recruit more muscle fibers which if you’re applying a calorie surplus will gain you a bunch of muscle because it’s working so many areas all at once because it’s a compound movement so whether your goal is to get lean shrink down burn fat get smaller get bigger gain more muscle once you figure out that calories are in control and the exercise selection has to be the biggest bang for your buck because it’s simply pushing the pedal down of the option you choose only then will people become woke and say ok fat burning was never about the cardio I was doing it was never about the treadmill it was never about what heart rate zone I sat in and it was never for the fact that I was doing an hour 45 minutes of hit straight it was never because I was doing sit-ups it was always the nutrition there was always calories but while you know that and when you’re awake and when you finally figure that out doesn’t it make sense to apply the lifts that give you the most bang for your buck deadlift bench press squat overhead press one-arm row pull-ups they’re simply accelerating you her goal it will make perfect sense once everyone becomes woke to nutrition and once they’ve put these pieces together and sooner or later that’s the timeframe I’m giving it five years will be common knowledge all your myths will go away all the fat track trends the fads the keto diet the low carb diet the no carb diet all of those things that the cardio burning if all that stuff will become obsolete because people are gonna realize those were never the deciding factors anyway it was never what was in control it was never what was providing anything for you except forcing you to do more and more and more of it as your body adapted okay there it is let’s see what happens in five years