One Small Change

Video Transcript:

last time i talked to you guys about making like a simple change and just repeating it for 91 days which is why we do the 13 weeks so look just to expand on that and show you how simple it is this is what we try and do at tighten up instead of you can’t have that you can’t eat this i want you to exclude alcohol you’re going to eliminate these food groups you’re gonna follow this diet plan that i’m giving you you’re gonna tell everybody else whatever if they’re not about your goals they don’t belong in your life get rid of that get rid of this follow that how about this okay and this person’s probably tired of me telling this story just always putting them on blast but kayla who’s a buddy of mine wanted to start trimming down okay and getting in really good shape she’s like oh i just don’t know if i can do it you know i have to turn my life inside out i have to start following these meal plans you know it’s overwhelming but at tighten up we don’t want you and you don’t have to change your life inside out follow me through this how quickly and how easily this can happen for all of you i told her follow me through just walk me through your day and let’s take notes of everything that you’re consuming every liquid ever just everything that is going down we’re gonna find a simple swap that we can repeat day in and day out and it’s gonna change your life it’s gonna completely change your whole body your whole physique as long as you come in you keep lifting weights so this is what happened by like day two boom we’ve got it it was a iced venti latte with some cream and some sugar in it you know it’s probably about 400 calories let’s just say four is probably slightly more let’s just say four for simple meth okay so she took that 400 calories and i said here’s what you’re gonna do instead of doing that we’re going to do an iced americano which is espresso and water instead of just a ton of milk and all this excess that we don’t need iced americano you put a dash of milk in there and let’s just leave it alone it went from like 400 calories down to like eight calories okay so right there that’s all it takes the rest of her life stayed the same her meal stayed the same her food stays the same her fun stays the same why because over 300 calories was removed off the books and that’s what it takes to create a calorie deficit by now you’re sick of hearing me say calorie deficit well there it is that is a calorie deficit at work multiply 400 calories or let’s say 390 times 91 days and you tell me what you get you get a totally different body you get way less fat and if you’re strength training sending the signal to your body that yo muscle is important let’s keep this while we’re in this deficit boom game changer that’s it that’s all it takes you guys have to be able to find something like that that you can swap the rest of your life stays the same no one’s asking you to turn your life inside out no one’s asking you to switch around your life you are too busy for that follow this follow that eliminate this eliminate that a calorie deficit for fat loss is three to five hundred calories short of what you’re currently doing