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Video Transcript:

Mark Fagan here with Berkshire Hathaway home services for the last couple of months we’ve talked about supporting local business we’ve talked about shopping local how important that is today we are here with Andrew Decker of tighten up and we are lifting local um man I’m pushing my butt to the limit every day i turn and look at you and you are always having a good time how do you have a why are you always smiling right i love seeing people progress so a lot of people don’t remember themselves on day one i remember people on day one versus now and when i see that progress i just light up hey when when i work out here my you know there’s lots of options here and what i love the best is i love the camaraderie i love the people i mean the people that i i lived with i work with i have i’ve met my mortgage lender I’ve met my insurance guy here i met my toto toilet guy here so it’s this camaraderie that i’ve found that’s what really drives me not only you pushing me to be better what makes tighten up different than any other gym so what makes it different is exactly that although this is group training where we have a full set of full class we subgroup into those small communities so every day even though there’s a bigger group size you’re in a little sub pod which allows you to work and meet and get to know those people and that’s what creates sustainability hiding up is all over there jack’s beach we are in ponte vedra town center ortega and then this summer there will be one opening in fernandina come to tighten up lift local support local Andy as always thank you for having us here [Applause] feels strong