Progressive Overload

Video Transcript.

[Music] all right so something for all of you guys to think about and let’s get some lightbulbs to go off again let’s talk progress okay that is the key fundamental for not just fitness anything at life that you will have a goal or you want to get better at involves progress so progressive overload is just a fancy term for that it’s the fundamentals that fitness were built on so for example if you wanted to learn a new language maybe Spanish you start with a couple words and you make progress from there you begin to formulate sentences then you start to communicate there was progress involved for you to learn a new dialect or if you wanted to gain assets gain more money maybe you started with one rental property and you grew progressive overload you made progress from there now you have ten if progress isn’t involved in not just fitness in anything you are at a standstill so the way that we do progressive overload at tighten up that a lot of others facilities are lacking is a bunch of different methods and all it means is demanding more stress and putting more stress on the body gradually over time that’s what transforms the physique so an example of that would be adding more weight okay we don’t always do that another form would be adding more reps with more weight adding more frequency meaning you’re hitting those muscle groups more frequently because you’re repeating exercises you’re getting better at them you’re practicing them also more volume instead of four rounds now we’re doing five now we’re doing six all of those things translate to progress and transform the body so I want you to look at your training I want you to look at your goals and I want you to tell me how you were going to make progress from moves like this [Music] where do we go from there did you that twice how can you make progress from that move and how can you do progressive overload with a movement like that sure it looks fancy and a lot of fit people are being paid to do those moves and pretend that their bodies were shaped using them but it’s all fake I want you guys to wake up and think if you can’t make progress from the movement you’re doing or add more demands to your body doing those tiny frivolous movements how can you expect your body to change you.